Hire an Editor

Do you have an article, thesis, dissertation, or college application essay that needs editing? I charge $40/hour (USD) to copy-edit and/or proofread your writing.

I will:

– improve the organization, structure, grammar, and flow of your piece of writing
– suggest larger changes and ask you questions about sections that are unclear
– make your paper more concise
– catch typos, spelling, and grammar mistakes, sentence by sentence
– work at a speed of about 2-10 pp/hr, depending on the state of your paper

Short pieces (<2 pp) take me about 2 days.
Longer pieces (2-20 pp) take me about 4-5 days.
If it’s longer than 20 pp, I will give you an estimated time-frame before I begin.
If you need your work back quicker, I can do that for an extra $5/hour.

Email me at hollypainter(at)gmail(dot)com and tell me what you’re working on, what you need, and when.